Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Helping Orphans and Adopting Families

Want to help orphans & adopting families? Buy a jar of All-Natural, Anti-Aging, Homemade Body Cream.  Made from Coconut Oil (anti-aging, cleansing, & hydrating), Argan Oil (healing, anti-aging, & hydrating), Geranium Oil (cell-rejuvenation, skin-firming, anti-aging), and Lavender (heals nervous system, calming, even helps with circulation).  $10 per jar.  Proceeds will go to Know Hope Foundation.  People sure supported us.  We want to pay it forward.  Gracious Plum Adoption Assistance is here to help.  Contact me with questions at (Yes!  I've also written a book about adoption.  Look for more info on "MY Momma's Heartbeat").

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

October 31, 2011

Holding Rossi tonight...tears started streaming.  I've never seen anything more beautiful.  I've never loved like this.  But tonight, it was kind of a sad, but grateful-I-have-her cry. 

I thought about her actual birth day.  I sure hope she got a pink balloon.  Did her birth mother hold her, or was it too painful?  Was she passed to a sweet nurse who placed her in room with other babies.  Visitors?  I know Ray of Hope and HOGL are about as wonderful as you can get and were prepared for her arrival.  I'm so thankful her birth mother chose life, connected to RofH and HOGL.  What if she hadn't?  What could have happened?  Where could she have ended up?  God has been all through me tonight.  I've thanked him over and over.  He put us together.  We were matched when she was 8 days old.  But God matched us from the beginning.  I just hope she was celebrated.  Even more, I hope she was hugged, patted, and kissed.  Touch is so important in life.

Then I thought? Tara, you don't remember your actual birth day.  You remember mom saying you cut your eyes at her and she was like..."You look just like your dad!"  You've heard mom say nurses wouldn't let dad in to see you because he came straight from the underground mines.  All you could see were his eyes.  He had to sterilize up.  I don't remember balloons, flowers for mom, or visitors.  I would bet big they were all there.  So, did my actual birthday extras change my life?  No.  I can guarantee I was touched, kissed, nuzzled, and told I was loved.  I sure hope Rossi had that, too.

I wish I could have breast fed her.  I wish I had nourished her in my womb.  Sometimes these "wants" really jolt me. 

Reading with her.
Snuggling her.
Praying for her.
Kissing her.
Singing to her.
Praying with her.
Picking her up when she falls.
Giggling with her.
Nuzzling her when I can tell she needs her momma's touch.
Correcting her.
Teaching her.
Playing with her.
Bathing her.
Loving her so much I'd die for her.

These are the things she will remember.  Yes!  They are what count!

Friday, March 1, 2013

In Rossi's Eyes

     I am Rossi's momma.  I'm all she knows.  She doesn't notice her family is mainly blonde and blue eyed.  We are who she loves, depends on.  Her innocence takes my breath.  I dread the day that is taken from her.
     The first time I held Rossi, she cried.  I guess I was presumptuous to assume she'd fall into my arms and love me.  I was a stranger.  We have really bonded recently.  To the point she only wants me, many times.  I'm all she knows as her momma.  Again, I dread the day the rug is pulled from under her.
     I'm preparing for her questions, her heartache.  I have the letter from orphanage about her birthmother.  Pictures.  She is young, no means to care for her.  I'm so grateful she chose life in a country where majority of pregnancies are aborted.  I was born to be Rossi's momma.  She was born to be mine.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So grateful to be home...

Taiwan has new adoption laws.  Families must travel twice.  Adoptive and birth families meet and both go to court.  It seems that extra steps were added in without taking any away.

From what I understand, Rossi was one of the last babies to leave our orphanage on old laws.  I am so thankful we made the deadline.  It was close.  Rossi's birthmother missing for that period really slowed our process down.  I'm so grateful it didn't somehow push us in the new law category.  If it had though, I would have packed bigger bags and done what all these other mommas and daddies are doing.  I'd move there forever for my baby.  I'd love and care for all the babies and kids.  I think about our experience often.  I wonder how the babies I changed, fed, and loved on are doing.  Several have gone home. Some, still there.  A bunch of new ones.  I think about "Debbie" and wonder how she is.  I think of them all.   God-loving, selfless people. 

I'm reading my new friends/adoptive mommas blogs.  A couple are just staying in the orphanage and daddies have flown back home.  They Skype with daddies while waiting for final decrees.  One daddy stayed and now missed his plane to bring his baby home today.  Stomach flu has gripped the orphanage.  (Keep them in your prayers.  They have a bunch of babies and fewer hands to help.)  One momma and daddy met, loved, and bonded with their baby and now have flown home.  They have to wait on more paperwork and approval.  My hearts go out to them all.  Cannot imagine, either way.  They are tough cookies and very faithful.  These babies are loved and cared for... so that helps.    I know many countries have to travel even 3 times before bringing their babies home.  Tough stuff.  Rossi and I were snuggled up in our "drawer-tails" around 12:00 today, sharing a poptart.  I just kissed on her.  I'm so grateful we are home.  I would have done the same things these new mommas/daddies are doing without a second guess.  Help me pray for them and the process.  Pray for Ted, Bev, nannies, workers, everyone.

A couple pictures from the orphanage in June.  God Bless Them! 
I've never met more unselfish people.  

Monday, November 26, 2012

5 months!  We've been home 5 months and I can't imagine my life before this precious gift.  Tonight I'm working on her Shutterfly book.  Before we left for Taiwan, I started this book.  I have her monthly updates and pictures from the orphanage.  She was so loved then and I ALWAYS want her to know how special her first 7 1/2 months were.  And now, she's home.  She's 1.  Her birthday party packed the house with love.  I choked up during her birthday song.  I wasn't sure we'd get to sing this song.  We waited and waited.  Birth mom took off.  Things could have gone badly.  I honestly thank God they didn't.   
Like I said during Rossi's dedication, "God picked her for us and us for her."  I have no doubt about it.  I've learned... I would learn so much through this process.  I appreciate her.  I cry when I rock her sometimes.  I love her more than anything on this Earth.  I'm a better momma than I would have been.  I'm older.  I don't take one second for granted.  I get to stay home from work this year and take bond with her.   I read to be the best momma I can.

 My little "Gracious Plum" is blossoming.  She is such a happy girl.  Her smile jolts my heart.  I love seeing her smile behind her paci.  Her eyes even smile.  She's a very headstrong little girl, too.  I'd always heard about her easy going, play by herself, complacent"ness".  I still see this side some.  I also see her determination climbing steps.  Her outstanding memory when I take something from her and hide it.  She has a temper.  I'm actually glad to see it.  I want her happy and strong-willed, like her momma.  We are learning each other.  I swear she understands my sarcastic "eye cut" grin.  We giggle at things others probably don't get.  I bet I kiss her 1000 times a day and tell her I love her 1000.  She is loved.  We are so grateful.  Glory to God.

Jason is just beside himself about her.  He wants his bonding time.  Rossi giggles at his dance moves.  She lights up when he gets home from work.   He works to provide for us. We are good partners.   I thank God for him.  I truly thank God for him.  He also wanted her sleeping with us, since we got the call last November.  You can see, he got his way.  He and I set up a protective circle around her in bed with our arms, hands, legs, and feet.  A protective circle...of love. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Rossi is 10 Months Old!

I cannot wait to get Rossi's pictures I ordered.  We had 4 outfit changes.  I just can't wait to hang our big one in living room.  Look at her!  She's perfection.

She's 10 months old.  We are planning a birthday party.  Halloween birthday parties will be so fun.  We're going to do a hayride and roast hot dogs/marshmallows.  We were matched when she was 8 days old.  What a whirlwind.  Jason is fantastic.  He wants to hold, feed, and play with her when he gets home in evenings/weekends.  She loves to see her daddy come in the door from work.  I normally tear up seeing her face light up.  We just celebrated 13th anniversary.  I've never loved him more.

She's pulling up.  She's trying to walk with me holding her fingers.  She's exploring.  She's saying Momma.  She also has a little cold going on.  I've done all the tricks I've learned about.  Hoping she's back to normal soon. 

I think about her future.  I pray about it.  I wonder what she'll be when she grows up?  I wonder if she will build on our land like I built on land connected to my parents. 

I swear I have to pinch myself sometimes.  Glory to God.  She's MINE!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother...

                                           Momma's Favorite Rossi Angle

Momma's most-treasured time...
Rocking, Soothing, Singing, Bonding.

     Knew I'd love you.  DIDN'T KNOW how deeply.  Didn't know it was possible.  Patting you, you patting me.  My eyes well-up with tears.  I close them and thank God for choosing me to be your mother.  I love you Rossi Quinn Whitmer. 
When our eyes meet.  Trust is earned.  Love ricochets back and forth.
 I've never...


     It honestly seems like yesterday that Ted called.  I'll NEVER forget the feeling when I heard him introduce himself.  I've forgotten the anxieties and tears.  I've forgotten how I checked my email hundreds of times a day.  I'm breathing now.  I'm loving like never before. I'm back to smiling and laughing.  I'm BREATHING!

     We are so grateful for your prayers, support, homecoming plans.  What a homecoming we had.  People - it was just awesome and we will never forget.  God's timing has been perfect.  From...Ashley being here the day Ted called, and me being off work.  To...Jason's promotion.  Momma gets to stay home with her baby and actually be a momma.  (I proofread and realize how many times I said momma.  I like saying momma.;)) 

     I've always known blood isn't always thicker than water.  I love Jason and my best friends, like blood.  Our daughter was produced by OUR faith and love.  I have no doubt.