Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Baby Update!

Sweet Rossi is now 11.13 lbs and 22.5 inches long!  As you can see in the
first picture we received the outfit that was sent by Donna Vincent (are we
correct in thinking that's a relative?).  The 2nd picture is so perfect
because whenever she is unwrapped from her blanket she just stretches and
yawns and it's the cutest thing! Rossi is such a good baby! She eats really
well and sleeps well too! She recently went to the doctor because of a cough
and we were told she has a soft larynx, but the doctor wasn't concerned
about it, and said it's something she should grow out of. She is becoming
very responsive when talked to and has such a sweet smile, but it's too
quick to catch on camera yet :)  We all enjoy going through her picture book
with her, so she is getting to hear your voices fairly often!
In other news, some of the older kids have recently been sick with colds/flu
so please pray the illnesses leave quickly and that the babies all stay
Thank you and God bless!
Happy New Year!
Ted and Bev for all at the Home 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Court Date is Set!!!!

Dear Jason & Tara,
“Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.”  Proverbs 25:25

We just got notice today that your court date for Rossi will be on January 18th at 10:00 A.M.  Praise the Lord and keep praying!

Happy New Year!

In Christ’s Love,
Ted for Bev, Rossi and all in
The Home of God's Love


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas 2011!

Guess who will be on our Christmas card next year?  This is our 13th Christmas together as "Jason & Tara".  Next year, oh, next year.  But honestly, I want the next couple of months to fly by and then I want my world to slow down.  So, I'm praying for a Happy Valentine's Day 2012 card.  I'm so thankful for our years together.  I'm so thankful for Jason.  I'm so thankful for my family and friends. Merry Christmas All!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Court Date Request will be filed tomorrow!

Got an email that court date will be filed for tomorrow!!!  I have faith that this IS going to happen.  Ready to move forward and stop pulling back the reigns when I get too excited.  (Protection mode after all we've been through, I guess.) 

So...Last steps....
1.) Court Date will be filed for tomorrow.  This is where birthmother signs off legally.  From what I've learned - from "filing for court date and getting an official date set" takes 8-10 days on average. (to even get set date)
2.) Court date happens.
3.) After she signs on court date - she has 10 days to change her mind.  
4.) Then Ted files for AIT interview.  (This is OUR interview w/ baby in our arms.) From what I've learned from others - this will be a around a couple weeks away.  So THIS means a couple of weeks to pack when we learn interview date is set!!!!

So -  6-7  weeks average from this point? 4 steps and the 4th one - we're holding our baby girl!!
 Keep us in your prayers.  Speedy, efficienct process! 

Lord, it takes my breath.  I've even started baby registries at Babies R Us and Target!  I've talked w/ travel agent about our plane tickets. I've started substitute calendar/plans outline for rest of year.  So excited!!!! Praying.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Huge step forward!

I've learned this process has been out of our hands for years.  I tried to plan an early April baby so I could have rest of year off.  We planned "relations" around cycles for years.  Herbs, Accupuncture, IVF, many prayers.  I've been mad seeing former students without a care having kids.  I've been bitter.  There were many meltdowns when I just knew I was pregnant, and found out in an instant I wasn't.  But, I'm really on cloud 9 now.  I have this peaceful, easy feeling that I've NEVER had in this department, in anything.  We would have been great parents 11 years ago, no doubt.  But honestly, we will be so much more unselfish now.  People keep saying "Rossi will be so lucky.  You're saving her".  I really look at it as, "She's making us lucky..." Rossi Quinn is our baby.  Honestly, I've been scared to go overboard with buying and planning.  This will all come together.  This feels so right.  So, it has been out of OUR hands this entire time.  But, this paperwork is literally OUT OF OUR HANDS now!  Keep us in your prayers for a speedy, efficient process!  Paperwork is on its way to Taiwan!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Headed to Franfort tomorrow! Translated paperwork/notary approval. Big step closer!  Mom's going with me.  I hate to miss Hugo Cabret movie tomorrow.  I read this book w/ all 5th grade classes.  They loved it.  (Waiting list at library.)  I've called theatres and finally Owensboro is getting it. 

But, I'm ready to get my Rossi girl home.  I cannot wait to kiss those perfect lips.  I'm going to take the next step closer to her.

Continue to pray for the paperwork and process.  We're so thankful & thrilled.  (Can't deny - I'm a little nervous...hoping everything is in order.)  I've read directions over and over.  I guess w/ so much "let down" through the years, I get nervous/anxious.

Then, I remember and focus... During Yoga a couple of weeks ago, I dedicated my session to Rossi.  An image came to me and I'll never forget it.  We're supposed to visualize our intent.  It was Jesus handing me Rossi and comforting me that everything will be perfect.  That image has come to mind several times. Came to my mind tonight.  I love it and need it.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Package Mailed!

Translated Paperwork in my hands!

Translated paperwork made it in 2 days.  How awesome.  A few things to take care of, then off to Frankfort and Atlanta!!! One step closer!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Awesome Update!

As I was chatting with a friend who understands, my email dings.  OUR PAPERWORK WAS SENT BY FED EX TODAY.  This is our homestudy that has been translated.  Can you believe this?  This is so awesome.  So thankful.  How this happened is so amazing. 
1.) We'll take this paperwork to Frankfort and Atlanta for approval
2.) FED EX back to Taiwan, then Taiwan files for court date. 
3.) Court date and birth mom signs off. (Hard to think about for so many reasons.)
4.) AIT (interview process for us in Taiwan) date is filed for. 
5.) When we get our date - we're packing!!!!!

Pray for this process. 


Orphanage passed inspection and was told to continue as planned.  This thrills us. 

The following also thrilled us...

"I held Rossi during devotions last night and she went to sleep in my arms.  Since the weather is cold now, it was comfortable for both of usJ!" TS

Brother John, Jason and I had special prayer for process and paperwork yesterday.  Ready to get my hands on that translated paperwork.  Then we'll have to be approved by Frankfort and Atlanta.  Then court date will be filed for.  We'll be mailing Rossi's Christmas package this week.  We're working on a UK one for January.