Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy 5 Months to our Gift!

Hey Dad and Mom! 
I'm still growing! I now weigh 17.25 lbs and am 26.1 inches long. I've been
pretty busy this month. I got my first and second tooth through on bottom
for one thing! I've been really good with this teething thing, and have
still been sleeping and eating well. I have been enjoying standing in the
hop n pop and the walker, even though I can't really go anywhere in the
walker yet. I did start rolling over, so I'm getting around some on the
floor, which is really fun! My hair is thicker than ever, and whenever
anyone plays with my hair I just relax and get so happy! 
Love, Rossi
We love her so much. We are so thankful she is being loved and taken good care of. You see our pictures and her toys Aunt Ash and Mamaw bought (that we'd slept with) in her crib.I'd be sick otherwise. We had a scare this week. Birth mom couldn't be found to finish up paperwork stuff. Prayers started exploding to Heaven and guess what? She was found the next day. Our process will slow down because of her being gone for awhile, but I have a needed peace now. Isn't she precious? Cutting teeth. Rolling over. She has her momma's head full of hair.;) She has her daddy's calmness. (Except for here in a few hours when FinalFour comes on.) Daddy has been so precious these last few days. We are so in love with her. Praying I get to take you to church on Mother's Day. What a Mother's Day it will be!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Still Waiting...

     Kelly Melton bought us a Plum Tree.  Rossi's birthname means "Gracious Plum".  We are so crazy about this tree and can't wait to get pictures made in front of it for birthdays, family shots, etc.  Thanks again Kelly.
     We mailed Rossi's Easter package today.  It was bittersweet.  Can't wait to see her in that purple Easter dress.  I sure would love to be holding her on Easter. We sent another recorded book with us talking and reading to her.  We also glued a new picture of us in front.  We were told she loves to look and listen to our Christmas one we sent.  I'd love to see her smile and giggle while looking at it and listening to it.
     We're feeling like when that "paper" finally gets finished, we'll be traveling fast.  Lord, I hope so.  We're praying like crazy.  I'm checking email like a madwoman.  We tear up and hug often.  Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.  Give us an extra one, would ya?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rossi Update!!!

Isn't she perfect?  Aunt Ash got her the outfit, of course.  Guess she was playing dress up with the hat.;)  We are so ready to board the plane.  More than ever.  Momma is trying to hold on.  Hope March's update is from our living room.

Hey Dad and Mom! I now weigh 15.14 lbs and am 25.5 inches long. I am getting so busy! I love to talk and laugh! I have learned how to stick my tongue out, and I do it a lot.  I’ve been drooling a lot, and it feels like I have 2 teeth that are about to come through!  I chug my milk like a hungry girl, and I sleep really well at night. I’m going 6 hours without waking up! I’m totally a morning girl, and greet everyone with my sweet little dimple when they get me out of bed. The weather is starting to get warmer here, and sometimes I get to go outside! I really like that. I hope you’re great!
Love, Rossi Quinn