Sunday, June 10, 2012

Daddy's Blog

Well Rossi week is finally here. We cannot wait to meet and touch our little angel. I absolutely cannot wait to be the best daddy I can for her. She already has brought such joy to our lives. I would like to say thanks to all the many people who have made our dreams start to come true. Also to all the family members and friends that are like family, thanks so much for all the help and encouragement through out the last seven months and all the years before that we struggled through. Now I'm off to assemble some baby toys. Thanks to all again and we love u all so much and Rossi will too.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ok.  I guess I wasn't finished tonight. 
     My child, my daughter, my baby.  That just feels so awesome to say.  I've always pictured my daughter with blonde curls bouncing, blue eyes, a pretty good future cheerleader/softball player. 
     I got pregnant so easy and fast the first time.  I pictured natural curls like Jason and I both have.  I knew he/she would have athletic ability.  Jason's wonderful memory.  My gift of being able to read people. 
     Bloods not always thicker than water.  I love Jason more than anything. I can't wait to touch her soft, black hair.  I always wanted straight hair.  I always wanted a dimple.  My Rossi Quinn has both.  She may not have feet like Grandma Opal, dad, and me.  She may not have Jason and Christy's sweet smile.  She will have a village behind her.  She will be loved more than anything I've ever loved in my life. 
     I give God the glory.  He had her picked for me.  I swear I would go through it all again for her.  I hope this inspires people to adopt.  I feel nurture is more important than nature.  Rossi will be in my arms before she is 8 months old and that is wonderful.  Our process slowed down because of paperwork.  Birthmom was missing.  But I pray others will adopt.  I'll be glad to talk with anyone.  Pray about it, sponsor a child, donate to an orphanage, would ya?
Me, "Jason, can you tell a difference in my attitude?"
Jason, "OH, YEAH!!!!" (I didn't realize it was THAT bad.  Well, maybe I did.)
     I'm breathing, sleeping through the night, laughing, smiling, breathing.  I don't think I realized how I haven't had solid peace... in years.  My last 2 shopping trips proved... I've improved.  There are young, young, young pregnant girls out there, everywhere.  Not sure if "16 & Pregnant" show is the popular thing to mock these days.  I personally think they need to mock the early 90's and go to Health Departments and get birth control.  A year, 6 months, well...a month ago I would have been mad, mad.  I would have cried when I got in car, or home.  Questioned God's purpose in all of the grandparents raising these children.  I would have wanted to ask for their baby, knowing that baby will probably not get the attention, love, support he/she deserves.  I know of a few in middle school who are pregnant.  A month ago, I considered contacting one. 
     Yesterday, no tears.  Can't lie...I did feel sorry the situations.  I have peace.  I can breathe.  Rossi Quinn Whitmer will be in my arms next week!  The good Lord knew when I'd be best at being a mom.  I will be an unselfish mom.  A patient mom.  A consistent mom.  A thankful mom.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Hey Mama and Daddy! I am kinda like the energizer bunny, I just keep growin,
and growin! I now weigh 19.8 lbs and am 28.1 inches long. I got my first 3
teeth this month! A couple weeks ago my bottom 2 came in, and then just a
couple days ago my first top one poked through! I am getting even better at
eating my solid food now too. I eat like a champ, even if I get a bit messy
sometimes! I am getting very good at sitting up on my own, and very rarely
fall over now. I love all the books you sent, especially the 2 with your
voices! I get very happy whenever I get to read those, which is pretty much
every day. My bed probably has more stuff than anyone else's because of all
the stuffed animals, but I love them! I play with them when I wake up at
night, and I like to hear my bunny sing Jesus Loves Me when I go to bed at
night. I'm so excited to finally meet you, only a couple more weeks!!!
Love you!!!
Rossi Q.