Monday, November 26, 2012

5 months!  We've been home 5 months and I can't imagine my life before this precious gift.  Tonight I'm working on her Shutterfly book.  Before we left for Taiwan, I started this book.  I have her monthly updates and pictures from the orphanage.  She was so loved then and I ALWAYS want her to know how special her first 7 1/2 months were.  And now, she's home.  She's 1.  Her birthday party packed the house with love.  I choked up during her birthday song.  I wasn't sure we'd get to sing this song.  We waited and waited.  Birth mom took off.  Things could have gone badly.  I honestly thank God they didn't.   
Like I said during Rossi's dedication, "God picked her for us and us for her."  I have no doubt about it.  I've learned... I would learn so much through this process.  I appreciate her.  I cry when I rock her sometimes.  I love her more than anything on this Earth.  I'm a better momma than I would have been.  I'm older.  I don't take one second for granted.  I get to stay home from work this year and take bond with her.   I read to be the best momma I can.

 My little "Gracious Plum" is blossoming.  She is such a happy girl.  Her smile jolts my heart.  I love seeing her smile behind her paci.  Her eyes even smile.  She's a very headstrong little girl, too.  I'd always heard about her easy going, play by herself, complacent"ness".  I still see this side some.  I also see her determination climbing steps.  Her outstanding memory when I take something from her and hide it.  She has a temper.  I'm actually glad to see it.  I want her happy and strong-willed, like her momma.  We are learning each other.  I swear she understands my sarcastic "eye cut" grin.  We giggle at things others probably don't get.  I bet I kiss her 1000 times a day and tell her I love her 1000.  She is loved.  We are so grateful.  Glory to God.

Jason is just beside himself about her.  He wants his bonding time.  Rossi giggles at his dance moves.  She lights up when he gets home from work.   He works to provide for us. We are good partners.   I thank God for him.  I truly thank God for him.  He also wanted her sleeping with us, since we got the call last November.  You can see, he got his way.  He and I set up a protective circle around her in bed with our arms, hands, legs, and feet.  A protective circle...of love.