Wednesday, December 5, 2012

So grateful to be home...

Taiwan has new adoption laws.  Families must travel twice.  Adoptive and birth families meet and both go to court.  It seems that extra steps were added in without taking any away.

From what I understand, Rossi was one of the last babies to leave our orphanage on old laws.  I am so thankful we made the deadline.  It was close.  Rossi's birthmother missing for that period really slowed our process down.  I'm so grateful it didn't somehow push us in the new law category.  If it had though, I would have packed bigger bags and done what all these other mommas and daddies are doing.  I'd move there forever for my baby.  I'd love and care for all the babies and kids.  I think about our experience often.  I wonder how the babies I changed, fed, and loved on are doing.  Several have gone home. Some, still there.  A bunch of new ones.  I think about "Debbie" and wonder how she is.  I think of them all.   God-loving, selfless people. 

I'm reading my new friends/adoptive mommas blogs.  A couple are just staying in the orphanage and daddies have flown back home.  They Skype with daddies while waiting for final decrees.  One daddy stayed and now missed his plane to bring his baby home today.  Stomach flu has gripped the orphanage.  (Keep them in your prayers.  They have a bunch of babies and fewer hands to help.)  One momma and daddy met, loved, and bonded with their baby and now have flown home.  They have to wait on more paperwork and approval.  My hearts go out to them all.  Cannot imagine, either way.  They are tough cookies and very faithful.  These babies are loved and cared for... so that helps.    I know many countries have to travel even 3 times before bringing their babies home.  Tough stuff.  Rossi and I were snuggled up in our "drawer-tails" around 12:00 today, sharing a poptart.  I just kissed on her.  I'm so grateful we are home.  I would have done the same things these new mommas/daddies are doing without a second guess.  Help me pray for them and the process.  Pray for Ted, Bev, nannies, workers, everyone.

A couple pictures from the orphanage in June.  God Bless Them! 
I've never met more unselfish people.  


  1. Thank you so much for this post! My husband and I are one of these couples struggling immensly with the long wait to get to our daughter in Taiwan. We are not yet in Taiwan, but would really love to fly over and bond with her whilst the court sorts things out. If appropriate, can you pass my email address on to the friends you mention who are in Taiwan bonding with theeir children? We would love to be in touch with others who are going through what we are.

  2. This brought me to tears, Tara! I PRAY that the timing is right that I will be able to stay between our first and second trip! I love you and Rossi and I am SO THANKFUL that God allowed our paths to cross!