Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Helping Orphans and Adopting Families

Want to help orphans & adopting families? Buy a jar of All-Natural, Anti-Aging, Homemade Body Cream.  Made from Coconut Oil (anti-aging, cleansing, & hydrating), Argan Oil (healing, anti-aging, & hydrating), Geranium Oil (cell-rejuvenation, skin-firming, anti-aging), and Lavender (heals nervous system, calming, even helps with circulation).  $10 per jar.  Proceeds will go to Know Hope Foundation.  People sure supported us.  We want to pay it forward.  Gracious Plum Adoption Assistance is here to help.  Contact me with questions at (Yes!  I've also written a book about adoption.  Look for more info on "MY Momma's Heartbeat").